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big-bang art post

title: The Case of Jared Tristan Padalecki
Author: smoothbelgian Artist:[info]wickedsome

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jared/Sandy, Jared/JensenWarnings: outsider POV, character death (it's basically Jared's death that triggers the entire story)

Summary: The arch angel Gabriel is on trial for overstepping his bounds as Jared Padalecki’s guardian angel. Gabriel is facing punishment for his unprompted interferences with Jared’s life, but will his actions also affect the fate of Jared’s soul? In a last effort to right his wrongs, Gabriel tells the story of Jared’s life, from his birth to his job as a sous chef in the renowned restaurant Jensen Ross, of Jared’s love for Jensen, and about how three seemingly insignificant coincidences changed Jared’s life forever: the promise of Gerald Padalecki, the introduction of Sandra McCoy, and an open door.

resource post

thanks to:

johnnyjosh . for listening my ranting and telling my art didn't suck

alfredjkwak for being awesome sister and again listening my moaning and ranting about big-bang art :D

smoothbelgian for making so awesome story and liking my work :)

and i have to say thanks to all my msn friends, they got to hear so much my groaning and moaning about how i can't make my art work lol

anyway i hope you like it and go read the story here!
Tags: big-bang art post, smoothbelgian
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