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big-bang art post

Author: abx_journal
Artist: peculiar_mind
Title: Looking Through Patient Eyes
Pairing: Brief Jared/Sandy, Jared/Jensen, one brief threesome with Jared/Jensen/OC, RPS AU
Summary: Jared is a college freshman, trying to make enough money working part time at Starbucks. Jared is in a relationship with Sandy when he is introduced to gay-for-pay porn by a house mate and, desperate for money, decides to try it. His first partner is college senior Jensen who has been paying his tuition by doing porn. They find something in common when they find out that they are both from Texas and their relationship grows. Jared slowly falls in love with Jensen. 

abx_journal  (lapis1961) can't post  his story cos he's getting the story he used as  his Big Bang published! But because of that, Andy can't put it up for BB.which is so awesome news, i mean i did read the story and it was just that good. i loved making art for  story and i hope you like the art without the story :)

cover art for the story

then i made couple location banners

resource post 
Tags: big-bang art post, lapis1961
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